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This document deals with the creation and editing of Voyager item records for monographs.

For serial item records, see:

For monographs, see also:

Creating item records

Item records should be created at the time of cataloguing.  (Exception:  Blackwell book plan records came with linked item records already created.)

Basic procedures for creating a new item record:

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Put barcode in piece and barcode number in item record when appropriate for the location.   The placement and type of barcode may also depend on whether an item is to be bound or sent for repair.

For more information on when to barcode, consult the table in " Treatment of Items and Information in Voyager Item Records, by Location."

For more information on when to bind -- and thus what type of barcode to use -- consult " To Bind or Not To Bind!!  Binding Policy for Non-Serial Items."

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Item location

The permanent location ("Perm. Loc.") represents the basic location of the item.  When the item record is created, this location is pulled automatically from the holdings record.

A drop-down box is available to help you select the correct location.

Changing location:  Once the item record has been created, if the location code is changed or corrected, it needs to be edited in both the holdings record and the item record.

If you change the permanent location, the item type may also need to be changed.

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Item type

The default item type in most Cataloging Dept. templates is Book.

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Fill in for multivolume monographs.

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Item status

The item status At Bindery should be included in records for items going to the Preservation Dept. to be bound or repaired.  (For more information on whether to send something to be bound, please see "To Bind or Not to Bind!! Binding Policy for Non-Serial Items.")

If most of the books that you catalogue will not need to be bound, it is probably easier not to set the At Bindery status as a default.

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Copy number

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Retrieving Existing Item Records

To retrieve an item record that has already been created:

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Resequencing item records

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Relinking item records

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