Voyager MARC Holdings Record:

Creation and editing

Please note:  The term "bib record creation" covers both records imported from OCLC and provisional records that are keyed in.

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Creating holdings records
Fixed field:  008 field
852 $h-$i:  Call number
MARC validation
Creating multiple holdings records
852 field indicators
852 $x:  Staff notes
Suppression area
Retrieving holdings records
852 $b:  Location code
852 $z:  Public notes
Fixed field:  Leader
852 $t:  Copy number
866 fields

See also "Voyager Keyboard and Editing Tips," which includes general information on keyboard shortcuts, moving around a screen, editing fixed and variable fields, and saving records.

  1. Creating holdings records:

    Holdings records should be created at the time of bib record creation.

    Basic procedures for creating a new holdings record:

    Note:  If cataloguing at the time of holdings record creation, also:

  2. Creating multiple holdings records:  When we have multiple copies for different locations at the outset, multiple holdings records should be created at the time of bib record creation.

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  3. Retrieving holdings records:

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  4. Fixed field:  Leader:

    When you create or edit a MARC holdings record, check the record type in the leader to make sure that the record type is correct.

    Category of material Type of record code
    Single-volume monograph x
    Multivolume monograph v
    Serial y

  5. Fixed field:  008:

    Any values can be accepted; no editing of the 008 is needed.

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  6. 852 field indicators:

  7. Location code (852 $b):  Be sure to check the location code and to edit it when necessary.

    Reminder:  If you are not sure of the correct code, Control-L will pull up the list of locations.

  8. Copy number (852 $t):  For copy numbers 2 and higher, be sure to include an 852 $t, right after the $b location code.

    E.g.      852 0 0 $b stx $t 2 $h PN56.T7 $i S88 1996

    Note that you also have to put the correct copy number into the item record and after the call number in the piece .

  9. Call number (852 $h-$i):  Reminders:

    Formatting:  $h
    Editing in-process call numbers
    Formatting:  $i
    852 first indicator
    Copying call numbers
    Shelflisting quirks

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  10. 852 $x notes -- staff notes:

    Examples of staff notes:

    cataloged without viewing; cataloged w/out viewing
    holdings verified
    ordered on <record number>
    see <record number>
    withdrawn <date>

    This list is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all of the standardly formatted notes that we may use in the 852 $x.

  11. 852 $z notes -- public notes:

      Decisions so far:

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  12. 866 fields:

    To be created at the time of cataloguing.  The macro Shift-F11 creates the 866 tag, indicators, and $8 code.

    Duplicate serials holdings
    866 $8 subfield
    866 $z:  Public notes
    866 indicators
    866 $a:  Holdings statement

  13. MARC validation:  When you catalogue or edit holdings records, MARC validation should be turned on.

    To turn it on:

    Reminder:  While cataloguing, if you need to verify any valid and correct MARC tag and indicator values, you can use the F2 function key, "Show MARC values."

  14. Suppression area:  The box marked "Suppress from OPAC" is located towards the top of the holdings record when the "System" folder tab is to the front.

    To put the System tab to the front, either

    The suppression box functions like a toggle:

    If you do not want a record to display in OPAC, click on this box to check it, or use the keyboard sequence Alt-P.  (An example -- withdrawing a copy.)

    If you want a suppressed record to display in OPAC, click on this box to remove the check mark, or use the keyboard sequence Alt-P.

    Warning:  If you are not trying to suppress a record, be careful not to click accidentally anywhere near the "Suppress from OPAC" box.  Doing so could inadvertently set the suppression check!

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