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The following projects have been approved for funding and are currently underway:

Duncan M. FitzGerald, Amala Mahadevan & Zoe J. Hughes (Boston University)
Steven C. Pennings (University of Houston)
Marsh platform dissection as a response to sea level rise: eco-physical mechanisms of sediment erosion

Scott C. Neubauer (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Salt-water intrusion into coastal freshwater wetlands: Effects on ecosystem metabolism and soil carbon and nutrient storage

Mead A. Allison (University of Texas at Austin)
Thomas S. Bianchi (Texas A&M University at College Station)
Implications of black mangrove colony expansion in Gulf of Mexico coastal wetlands on sea level-induced land loss and estuarine productivity

Jose D. Fuentes (Pennsylvania State University)
Victor C. Engel (Everglades National Park)
Victor H. Rivera-Monroy & Robert R. Twilley (Louisiana State University)
Mangrove forest functioning in response to hurricane disturbance

Benjamin P. Horton (University of Pennsylvania)
Daria L. Nikitina (West Chester University of Pennsylvania)
Hurricane erosion of East Coast salt marshes during the past 2500 years: Frequency, scale, recovery and geo-ecological impacts

Xingong Li & A. Townsend Peterson (University of Kansas)
Sea level rise effects on coastal ecosystem distributions and biodiversity status in the U.S. Middle Atlantic Region

Laura J. Moore (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Donald R. Young (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Biogeomorphic controls on barrier island evolution in response to climate change

Emily S. Bernhardt & Marcelo Ardon (Duke University)
Farm fields to wetlands: biogeochemical consequences and climate feedbacks due to sea level rise in coastal plain agricultural landscapes

Christopher Craft (Indiana University)
Effects of accelerated sea level rise and variable freshwater discharge on water quality improvement functions of tidal freshwater floodplain forests

Rusty A. Feagin (Texas A&M University at College Station)
Kevin M. Yeager (University of Southern Mississippi)
Vegetation transition and sedimentary responses to fault-induced sea level rise

J. Adam Langley & J. Patrick Megonigal (Smithsonian Institution)
Elevated CO2, sea level rise and the biotic controls on marsh soil elevation change

Kam-biu Liu, Nina Lam & William J. Platt (Louisiana State University)
Effects of past and recent hurricanes on Gulf Coast ecosystems: Implications for future climate changes

V. Thomas Parker (San Francisco State University)
John C. Callaway (University of San Francisco)
Predicting tidal marsh plant community response to climate change: A Pacific Coast perspective using field experiments

Andrew H. Baldwin, Michael S. Kearney & Jeffrey C. Cornwell (University of Maryland)
Forecasting the response of tidal freshwater marshes to increasing salinity and higher tides due to sea level rise

Jeffrey Q. Chambers (Tulane University)
George C. Hurtt (University of New Hampshire)
Hurricane impacts on structure and functioning of U.S. coastal forests

Jeffrey P. Donnelly (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Understanding the impact of frequent intense hurricane disturbance on the coastal pine/scrub-oak forests of the northeastern United States

Sergio Fagherazzi (Boston University)
Patricia L. Wiberg & Karen J. McGlathery (University of Virginia)
Quantifying the variations of salt marsh area in the intertidal zone produced by climate change

Duncan M. FitzGerald, Amala Mahadevan & Zoe J. Hughes (Boston University)
Steven C. Pennings (University of Houston)
Dissection of platform marshes by ecophysical processes in response to sea-level rise

Irving A. Mendelssohn (Louisiana State University)
What is the effect of increased storm activity on the response of coastal wetlands to sea-level rise?

Antonio B. Rodriguez & Brent A. McKee (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Evaluating a new mechanism for bay-head delta back-stepping events

Keqi Zhang & Michael S. Ross (Florida International University)
Prediction of pine forest changes in the Florida Keys due to sea level rise



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