Kay L. McLennan, Ph.D., Professor of Practice


Accessing the Course Site

The Tulane University Blackboard Site can be accessed directly at http://blackboard.tulane.edu (or reached via the Tulane University web site homepage and then double click on "Academics," "Catalogs & Courses," and "Blackboard").

Logging-In to the Course Site

The Tulane Blackboard system utilizes the rs/6000 or Tulane e-mail system usernames to access course sites.  Accordingly, students who do not currently have a Tulane e-mail account need to apply for one at Tulane Infrastructure Services (102 Richardson Building) before a Blackboard account can be created for them.

Students who have not previously accessed Blackboard will use their rs/6000 username as their Blackboard username and their social security number, without dashes, as their password.

Students with existing Blackboard accounts should use their existing Blackboard/Tulane username and Blackboard password for access to the system.

Help With Log-In Problems

If you need help with a log-in problem, please contact the University Computer Help Desk at 504.862.8888.


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Last modified: May 26, 2008