Kay L. McLennan, Ph.D., Professor of Practice


Typical Format for Online Instruction

The typical format for the completely on-line courses taught by Dr. McLennan include student examination of lecture notes (in either text or video clip form) and reading assignments followed by the posting of student essays on group discussion boards.  In turn, each student will comment on the essays posted by their group members and respond to the comments on their essays.  Then as a concluding exercise for each module, Dr. McLennan will select some exemplary essays to post on the whole class discussion board  (and solicit comments from everyone on the discussion board postings).  Finally, there will be a take-home final exam posted during the last week of classes.

Sample Video Clips

Note:  Since video viewers are embedded in the clips below, the clips play simultaneously.  Use the stop (square button) and start (triangle button) functions to play the clips individually.  

Also, viewing the video clips requires a series 9 or better Windows Media Player (available at: www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download/default.asp).  

Video Clip #1: Introduction to Business Ethics

Video Clip #2: Utility and Utilitarianism


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Last modified: May 26, 2008