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Your Customized myTulane Blackboard Home Page

The myTulane Blackboard platform is located at:  http://mytulane.blackboard.com.  Login to myTulane using the same user ID and password you use to login to your Tulane.edu e-mail account.

After you login to myTulane, you will be transported to your customized Blackboard home page identified as "myTulane."  In addition to the "myTulane" tab at the top of this page, you will see "Courses," "Campus Life," "Libraries," "myContent," "myServices," and "SCS" (or the name of your school or college affiliation, if different from the School of Continuing Studies) tabs. 

The "myTulane" view includes access to Blackboard "Tools" (displayed along the left-hand side of the page).  Use the Tools functions to keep an e-calendar, send e-mails to class/group members, view your grade information, etc. (by double clicking on the appropriate button).  To change your Blackboard password, go to the "Personal Information" link and find the "Change Password" option and follow the steps outlined. 

The "Courses" view shows a list of the Blackboard courses you are participating in along with the "Course Catalog."

Blackboard Student Manual

After you access the Blackboard class site, double click on the navigation button in the left-hand column entitled "User Tools."  Next double click on the link for "Student Manual."  The Student Manual discusses all aspects of using Blackboard software and should be your first source if you have questions regarding any of the course site features or how to perform a certain task.  

Navigating Dr. McLennan's Course Site

The navigation area consists of a series of buttons located along the left side of the screen.  Selecting any of these buttons will take you to the corresponding area of the course.  The specific navigation buttons and accompanying functions are listed below.

bullet "Announcements" - links to the page where course news or reminders will be posted.
bullet "Syllabus" - includes the class syllabus (and other course protocol documents).
bullet "Textbook" - links to the textbook web site (along with the ISBN).
bullet "Faculty  Information" - includes information on the educational, teaching and work background of the instructor.
bullet "Due Dates" - while the set of assignment due dates are included in the course syllabus, this link includes a handy reference list.
bullet "Grading" - while the grading policies are included in the course syllabus, this link excerpts the grading components and scale.
bullet "Study Skills Lab" - links to writing and study skills tutorials.
bullet "Lectures" - links to the on-line video and text lecture notes.  [Note:  This course will include both compressed video stream lecture notes and text only lecture notes.  Students are only required to view ONE of these two types of files for each lesson included.  Viewing the compressed video stream will require a Windows Media Player that can be downloaded at www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/download/default.asp.]
bullet "PowerPoint Slides" - if available, summary PowerPoint slides are includes in this part of the course site.
bullet "In the News" - includes ethics-related articles from an assortment of current periodicals.
bullet "Case Study Video Clips" - if available, video clips from the textbook case studies are included in this part of the site.
bullet "Assignments" - includes a listing of required textual reading and essay questions to answer and post to the discussion board located in the group page you are assigned to.
bullet "Communication" - includes links that enable: sending an e-message; accessing the discussion board; entering the Virtual Classroom; listing the class roster; and accessing individual group pages.
bullet  "Virtual Classroom" - links to the real-time white board and chat room "classroom."
bullet "Groups" - provides access to individual group pages (for posting your essay/problem assignments).
bullet "External Links" - links to course related sites and downloads.
bullet "User Tools" - includes links that enable: using the digital drop box (to the instructor); editing your class site homepage; changing your personal information; access your personal calendar; checking your grade; viewing (or printing or downloading) the Student Manual; tracking tasks; accessing the Electric Blackboard; and accessing your personal address book. 



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Last modified: May 26, 2008