Preparation in China

This is for new Chinese students as a reference, so that you may have a better idea about how to prepare your coming to Tulane. However, the information listed below is just for your convenience. The actual need and value will differ from person to person. Never forget, one of the most important information source for you is Tulane's Center for International Students & Scholars. They have some useful information for international students here.

We would greatly appreciate if you could give us your opinion/ information for our next update.

How to prepare for studying and living abroad

All the documents you should receive from the university

· I-20 Form with the financial aids information from International Office
· Admission Letter from Tulane University and/or from The Department /Program
· The letter with the information on Financial Aids (If it's included in the previous letters, then this letter is not necessary)
· Immunization form. Different universities have different requirement for the immunization, it will be expensive to instill in US, as far as we know Tulane requires MMR and TD here. Please refer to Tulane Student Health Center for more information.
· Other stuff sent by the university, including Information booklet, Welcome letter from your school and so on.

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ID and Important Certificates

ID: Passport
Certificates: Immunization Certificate, Heath Certificate, Transcripts, Degree Certificate, other notarized certificates which you think necessary (e.g., Marriage; Born; No criminal records; Degree; Work experience; Relative; etc).
ATTENTION: Be sure to always take all important ID and documents with you during the travel(never put them in the baggages).

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Stuff you’d better bring

The weather is kind of like Nanjing in China. It is very hot in summer and warmer in winter than Nanjing. And it is very humid too. Here is a stuff list you may refer: Stuff List

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How much money you need to bring

Usually no less than $2000. The more the better. It depends on yourself. If you have more than $2000, you'd better take a money order, since it is safe and convenient. Also you may need to carry some change like $1, $5, $10 and $20 in order to buy some food or take a taxi /shuttle after your arrival here. If you want to make phone calls by the pay phone in the airport, quarters($0.25 coin) are needed.

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Arriving here earlier than required and Booking Air Tickets in advance

It is better to arrive here a little bit earlier than the school required. Then you would have more time to find a place to live(It is not easy to find housing near September.) and prepare other things.

July, August is the hot season for air tickets; Booking in group will save you a lot. If you want TCSSA to pick you up in the airport we will prefer you arrange your arrival time on weekend. Here is a good website you can find some air ticket information

After you get the tickets, printing all the airports maps you will transfer in US may be a good idea in case you may get lost in the airport.

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Temporary housing

For new Tulane students, you can apply for a temporary apartment for two weeks from the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Call 504-865-5724 or visit Division of Student Affairs. Address: 27 McAlister Drive New Orleans, Louisiana 70118.

Also you can send email to our TCSSA list to see whether you can find housing information or a temporary house to live. For more information related to on/off-campus housing please see Tulane Housing.

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Add your active email address to our TCSSA email list

In order to send your information to all TCSSA members, you need first join the TCSSA email list. For how to subscribe to the email list please refer to FAQ

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How to get to Tulane University from the Airport

Taxicabs: A cab ride costs about $24.00 from the airport to Tulane Univ. for one or two persons and $10.00 (per passenger) for three or more passengers. Pick-up is on the lower level of the airport, outside the baggage claim area. There may be an additional charge for extra baggage. I recommand you give 10% tip to the driver.

Airport Shuttle: Shuttle service is available from the airport to the hotels in the CBD for $20.00 (round-trip, per person). Three bags per person. Call 1-866-596-2699 or (504) 522-3500 for more details. For group reservations or ADA transfers please dial 1-888-432-7651. Ticket booths are located on the lower level in the baggage claim area. Advance reservations are required for all ADA accessible transfers. Please call well enough in advance for the specially-equipped shuttle to be reserved. $1 tip is OK.

Automobile Rental: There are 5 rental agencies with offices on the lower level of the airport. Check with each company for rates.

Ask TCSSA to pick you up: for detail information please refer to TCSSA airport section

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General weather information

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 61 64 71 78 84 89 90 90 87 80 71 64 
Avg. Low 44 47 54 60 67 73 74 74 71 61 54 47 
Mean   53 56 63 70 76 81 83 83 79 71 63 56 

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Contact us if you need help

If you want to consult for other information, please send email to TCSSA maillist after you join it. Or you can also send email to TCSSA Committee if you have any question.

And also for the first time contact please send the following information:

Admitted dept or program
You active e-mail address

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