On each of your lab assignments, make sure to write at the top:

Your name

Your TA's name

Your data set number

Which lab (e.g., lab A, lab F) you are submitting.



Data sets are accessible at http://www.tulane.edu/~PsycStat/ruscher/labs/Lab212DataSets.html

Answers are accessible at http://www.tulane.edu/~PsycStat/ruscher/labs/Lab212Answers.html

Lab A on Descriptive Statistics

Lab B on Chi-square

Lab C on 1-way Between Groups ANOVA

Lab D on Tests Subsequent to ANOVA

Lab E on 2-way Between Groups ANOVA

Lab F on SxA (1-way Repeated Measures ANOVA)

Lab G on S/AxB (2-way Mixed Model ANOVA)

Lab H on Simple Regression

Lab I on Multiple Regression

Lab J on Hierarchical Regression

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