These on-line study guides will follow the general format of the lectures, but will take advantage of hypertext mark-up language (HTML). HTML allows for individualized learning in that the learner, rather than the lecturer, chooses the information and its order. This should accommodate the diversity of the students in Medical Protozoology and acknowledge that individuals learn differently. Since these pages are continuously being modified and developed, the cursory coverage of some topics does not reflect their actual importance.

The study guides will be organized into major sections corresponding to the overall course organization:

These major sections will be subdivided into chapters corresponding to the lectures. Links to these chapters will be found at the beginnings of the documents. The chapters will be subdivided according to topics. A hyperlinked outline to these subdivisions will be found at the beginning of the chapter or major section. In addition, hyperlinks to related documents and other internet resources will be provided. Remember to use the back button or history file ('go menu') on your browser if you get lost. Navigational arrows (see example to the right) will also be placed near the topic sections. The double-up arrow will return to the beginning of the chapter, and the double-down arrow will go to the next chapter. The single up or down arrows will link to the previous or next topic section, respectively. At the beginning of the chapter, the single up or down arrows will link to the previous or next chapters, and the double up or down arrows will link to the top and bottom of the page. Links to the chapters and other course-related pages are found at the bottom. (Click on arrows to test their function; use browser 'back' button to return to this position.)

Links to the study guides corresponding to the individual lectures are also available from the on-line course syllabus.

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A book based on these webpages and the Medical Prozoology course is also available. Protozoa and Human Disease can be ordered from the publisher (Garland Science/Taylor and Francis) or

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